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Advertising, needless to say, is an extremely valuable component to any company’s success.  Focus On Jacksonville Advertising, Inc. (FOJ) approaches it with direct, knowledgeable, hard-nosed negotiations.

Beside Jacksonville, where we have over 50 clients, FOJ has negotiated for clients in Atlanta, Houston, Raleigh, Charlotte, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee and Las Vegas. It is always better to negotiate directly with a station, network and account representative than to buy via regional advertising buying services that make placements with little or no serious negotiations. Aggressively negotiated rates can be one-half to one-third of the originally proposed rates. 

Successful advertising negotiations result from having intimate knowledge of the market you want to advertise in, having negotiating savvy that creates a competitive environment, and, most importantly having the bull-dog tenacity to say “no” and walk away short term, in order to ultimately succeed in negotiations long-term.

All things being equal, of course, you’d rather pay $5 vs $40 … or pay $150 not $400 for the exact same placement. And if you start paying $40 instead of $5 – or $400 instead of $150 – you wind up paying the exorbitant raters for as long as you advertise, maybe years.

FOJ contacts all advertising outlets in your market – starting with the most powerful media – broadcast and cable Television and radio. We gain complete knowledge of all the station and market options and costs to your target demographics: male, female, age, income, and other qualifying factors.  

Negotiation is psychological warfare. We never call the reps. They always call us. You can’t appear too eager or in need of what they offer. They know we are aggressively shopping their market with all their competitors.  Nothing they originally offer is good enough so they come back again and again with lower offers and better value. When we are confident we have the best offers on the table -- then we ask for more and usually get it.

FOJ works very hard to provide clients the lowest rates because when you succeed, we succeed. FOJ’s monthly agency commissions are NOT an added costs to you. They are deducted from the cost of your advertising. So if your monthly advertising schedule provides $10,000 in advertising, at the end of the month you pay the station $8,500 and FOJ $1,500, getting the fully and documented $10,000 in advertising you approved and asked for. 

The better your results, the more you spend, the more FOJ earns. So making sure you get the best value from the start is our goal and our job. Please call or email me for any questions or further information you may need.

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Bull Dog Mind-Set
FOJ negotiates with Bull-Dog aggression and determination. If you lack the time, uying power, market knowledge or mind-set to negotiate effectively, paying far too much for advertising is a certainty. Do Not let this happen to you.

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