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Free Yourself From the Woes and Worries of Advertising

Contact Herb Gartner, Focus On Jacksonville for a free presentation on how to achieve the best value in advertising available anywhere today.
  • Utilize the Power of Television and Radio
  • Plan Print, Direct Mail, Outdoor and Special Events Promotions
  • Produce a Half Hour Television Showcase for Your Company or Professional Practice 
FOJ showcases connect YOU, your STAFF and COMPANY directly to tens of thousands of viewers in well-planned, visually dynamic, informative prime time television programs. Promote trust, support and desire for your products, services and capabilities in depth and detail wide, diverse audiences, with copies of your programs for educational and marketing presentation.

Herb Gartner, President Focus On Jacksonville.

Phone: (904) 733-2457. Email: - Quick Contact
Free Yourself From the Woes and Worries of Advertising.
Contact FocusOnJax for a Free Consultation!

Bull Dog Mind-Set
FOJ negotiates with Bull-Dog aggression and determination. If you lack the time, uying power, market knowledge or mind-set to negotiate effectively, paying far too much for advertising is a certainty. Do Not let this happen to you.

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You will recoup our low one-time entry fee immediately. With advertising commissions deducted off your agreed to media schedules, you may say our services cost you nothing.